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Beghelli Accademia is designed to be a space in which knowledge and expertise can be shared and exchanged, accessible to all professionals in the lighting design sector.
A space in which to gain greater knowledge of the many aspects of LIGHTING: the theoretical principles, the legislation and the technical solutions; a space in which to train, through a host of seminars organised across the Italian territory; and a service providing concrete support across all aspects of design.
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In this section, you can ask for technical advice on the regulatory or plant-related aspects linked to the dimensioning of lighting and emergency lighting systems.

Ask for advice
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In this section, you can view an extensive collection of publications, technical materials and support documents, relevant to lighting design projects. The contents are regularly updated.

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Beghelli Academy seminars
LED technology has ushered in a revolution in all sectors of the lighting industry. The use of high-efficiency LEDs and calibrated optics enables modern LED lighting devices to offer high levels of performance and a range of lighting options for all environments, whilst ensuring energy savings that until recently would have been unimaginable.
The seminars organised by Beghelli Academy address key market scenarios, the evolution of legislation that is currently under way (both with regard to lighting and to energy in general) and the present state of the art with regard to standard and emergency lighting, focusing on technical solutions, products and design.
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