Great versatility of application
A luminaire with variable light beam and colour temperature, characterised by great versatility of use. Funzione3 focuses on a patented technology with a multi-lens screen with variable geometry. The peripheral part of the downlight rotates on its axis to three positions with a click lock, each of which corresponds to a different type of light beam: Diffusing beam (UGR<25) Concentrating beam (UGR<19).
Available in Smart Driver version but also in Eco Driver version with power supply integrated in the body. In this case, the total thickness is very low and, with the appropriate accessory, particularly suitable for ceiling installations. Funzione3 is produced with high colour rendering LEDs (CRI>90). The SD version of the luminaire can be equipped with a wide range of inverters for emergency lighting.


Great versatility of application
Asymmetrical Wall Washer for illuminating vertical walls, shelves or wall details. A single luminaire that solves different problems with simplicity and elegance. A luminaire that can change the lighting atmosphere of the room by acting on a selector switch that modifies the colour temperature.
Lens setting