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Systems description

Control systems

Find out more about the technical details behind Beghelli lighting and emergency lighting control systems.
Emergency lighting
The technological research and development carried out by Beghelli enables industry professionals to access useful tools which facilitate the integration of equipment and procedures relating to safety, in line with the requirements of the UNI CEI 11222 standard.
Direct operator verification is extremely demanding and time-consuming, and as such, self-diagnostic systems are essential in the emergency lighting sector, and provide the foundations for the correct operation of any facility.
These systems can offer anything from a simple Autotest function, which indicates whether a device is functioning correctly or not via a green or red light on the fixture itself, to more advanced solutions for large buildings, which remotely send the outcome of diagnostic tests to a control unit that records the results. Accordingly, the entire system can thus be monitored from a single point, allowing prompt intervention when a problem arises.

Intelligent lighting
Beghelli systems meet systems efficiency requirements, both with regard to energy savings and reduced environmental impact, and in terms of optimisation of performance and visual comfort and reduction of maintenance costs.The new systems enable control and self-regulation of light sources in accordance with different time bands and on the basis of whether or not persons or vehicles are present, taking the contribution made by the natural light already present in a space into consideration at all times, thus preventing energy wastage. These developments allow three key factors - namely lighting technology, building automation and adaptability of light to the requirements of the individual - to be combinedin perfect harmony.
Sistemi di controllo, cloud e app - riepilogo
Guida ai Sitemi di Controllo per gli apparecchi di emergenza Beghelli
Staffa di derivazione integrata brevettata Beghelli
L'APP unica per gestire impianti e apparecchi, in remoto e in locale
NuBe, il Cloud Beghelli per gestire, controllare e archiviare i tuoi impianti
CT Central Test
Le opportunità offerte dall’emergenza CentralTest
CTS Central System
Le opportunità offerte dall’emergenza CentralSystem
Schemi unifilari
Emergenza sistemi di controllo
Proposte esclusive Beghelli
Proposte esclusive Beghelli
Accumulo solare
Solare ibrido Beghelli, l’energia in tasca spendibile quando vuoi
Accumulo solare - Monitoraggio
Monitoraggio e gestione remota dell’impianto fotovoltaico