AutoTest Ripara (AR)

From AT to AR with an extra battery

The self-powered emergency lighting fixtures in the AutoRipara series are the fruit of sophisticated electronic technology, which also includes a microprocessor able to integrate a high number of functions. As well as switching on automatically in the absence of mains power, the fixtures perform periodic self-control tests regarding both operation and autonomy, as required by Standard UNI11222. To perform the tests the AutoRipara system simulates the absence of mains power and checks that the fixtures are working correctly. The operation test checks all the lamp functions in the space of 1 minute and is held monthly. The autonomy test includes checking of all the lamp functions in a space of time
equal to the autonomy required by the individual standards and it is carried out every 26 weeks. The result of the tests is shown by the multicolour LED on the fixtures. This always guarantees perfect control of operation and allows an economic saving on the costs of personnel who otherwise would be assigned to maintenance. AutoRipara fixtures can be installed in existing emergency lighting systems without requiring the laying of further wiring.

the addition of the extra battery set automatically doubles the flux, keeping the autonomy unchanged. acting on the electronic circuit, the greater light flux can be reduced, bringing the emergency duration from 1 hour to 2 or 3 hours.