Centraltest system with intelligent diagnosis with the best quality-price ratio ever

The first BUS control system without BUS cables
Revolutionary control  system able to communicate with the luminaires by means of a BUS system that uses the emergency electrical system for data transmission. The connection between the CABLECOM Control  unit and the luminaires is made by switching the two power cables into communication BUSES in such a way as to avoid any possibility of interference between the transmission of data and the passage of current. The control unit can be used to set all lamp  parameters (Battery Life, Operation, Functional and battery life test start) on all the luminaires at the same time and receive malfunction warnings after the Emergency status test. In the Connect version of the Control unit, the App can be used to obtain setting and error log reports on all the luminaires available in the system. It can also be used to automatically create a LogBook file to be attached to the safety documentation required byStandard UNI 11222.
CableCom Connect App
With Beghelli Cablecom you can interact  directly with each individual emergency lamp by one-way optical communication. You will, therefore, be able to modify the configuration parameters of each individual luminaire, start diagnostic test sand run other advanced functions.
Dedicated free app:
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Easy to use and intuitive interface app that allowsto use the smartphone as a remote control and in an actualsystem diagnostic control unit
For full control of the “CableCom” centralised system, connect the app to  the “CableCom Connect” control unit. Use the WiFi technology of the control  unit to configure the entire  system automatically  run functional and  battery life  tests, modify the parameters  of any luminaire  and  enable  advanced  features  such as the  innovative "Infinity Mode” function that provides infinite battery life. The Cablecom Connect app is the ideal tool for system maintenance: with a simple click you can download the periodic maintenance log in pdf format, ready for printing or storage.
Open Settings: using the App or with a simple screwdriver
No constraints: the lamps can be installed in CentralTest mode in conjunction with the Cablecom control unit, which exponentially increases the possibilities of parameter and test management and control. When installing the luminaire without the control unit, it shall be set to the Autotest mode that allows adjusting its battery life from 1 to 3h using a circuit jumper or the latest CableCom Connect APP that also provides additional features. Turn your smartphone into an actual remote control and set all the lamp parameters: Battery life from 1 to 8h, SE or SA Operation, RestMode, launch battery life or functional Tests or disable the emergency mode (Inibit). The system uses the flash of any mobile phone to communicate the data to be set to the luminaire. The APP is also designed to detect the QR codes used o uniquely identify each luminaire. This option allows keeping records of the luminaires installed, a useful feature for the filling in of the System LogBook required by standard EN UNI 11222. The same operations can be centralised and organised in a simple and intuitive manner by connecting the system to a CableCom or CableCom ConnectControl Unit.
Performance flexibility for multiple functions
The same luminaire can be integrated progressively with the App and the Control Unit
InfinityModeThe Cablecom function that never leaves you in the dark
The Infinity Mode function can be activated on all Infinita LED luminaires on both AT (via Beghelli Cablecom APP) and CT versions, by enabling the mode from the control panel of the Cablecom or Cablecom Connect Control Unit. Thanks to the Cablecom communication BUS, which allows using the power supply cables for data transmission, in the event of a local blackout, the fault detected via the Infinity input activates the emergency operation. Once the nominal battery  life  ends, the Cablecom Bus will provide the energy necessary to keep the luminaire on for an unlimited amount of time (with reduced luminous flux and provided that the Cablecom BUS line is powered).