Opticom Technology

Smartphone-based optical communications technology for controlling and programming lighting and emergency lighting

The evolution of control
Lights that communicates with lights - this is the operating principle behind the new Beghelli-patented technology.Opticom (OPTIcal COM Technology) is an optical communications system that uses a smartphone camera and flash to send commands, alter performance and functions and monitor lighting and emergency lighting devices.
Worldwide patent
Opticom Technology has completely transformed the concept of lighting control, giving rise to a revolutionary project that, for the first time in this sector, uses smartphones - commonly used objects with vast potential - to enable users, system installers and those responsible for company safety to control devices with ease.
Dedicated Opticom Technology app
Cutting-edge technology which simplifies and enhances the work of operators in the sector, enabling them to programme and control each individual light fixture from the Opticom Technology range via the dedicated free app, with no need for additional devices.
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Opticom Technology emergency devices
Opticom Technology emergency devices are equipped with a light sensor as standard, which is designed to receive the light pulses transmitted by the flash on an enabled smartphone, before transforming these into commands which control the device itself.
This two-way optical-type communication technology allows users to alter the performance and functions of devices equipped with AT self-diagnostic functionality in an emergency (Autonomy, Flow, SE-SA-PS Operation, frequency of functional tests and autonomy),as well enabling the automatic writing of the system registry:devices are queried using the flash on the smartphone in question, and respond via LED flashes, sending the operating information and any information regarding faults or anomalies.
Beghelli Cloud
This information is sorted and grouped on a dedicated portal in the Beghelli cloud, where it remains available for the user to access, greatly simplifying the system verification process.
Opticom Technology lighting
With regard to illumination solutions, all devices with the intelligent Beghelli Smart Driver power supply that are equipped with the special light sensor are transformed into Opticom Technology devices.
Through the flash and the camera on your smartphone, you can enable or disable the light sensor, the auto-dimming function and the dynamic presence detection system, which can also be programmed in the most convenient manner to you.In this case too, the dedicated app allows users to adjust each light source to the desired maximum and minimum power.
Accordingly, the system represents a major source of added value for end users, who can control their lighting systems using a smartphone.
With Opticom Technology, by enabling the dynamic presence sensor and auto-dimmer, users can achieve energy savings of more than 80%, 30% more than traditional LED lighting systems.
As a company, Beghelli protects its knowledge, and its intellectual property in general, by filing patents for its inventions, utility models and industrial designs, and in all cases, protects the names of its products on the market with specific trademarks.