Sicuro 24V

Intelligent centralized power supply at low voltage

The Soccorlogica Sicuro 24V system is an emergency lighting system with centralized power supply which allows the management of lamps for emergency lighting and escape routes, with diagnosis functions and automatic tests of operation and autonomy, but which uses a very low safety voltage. In compliance with regulations DIN EN 50172, the system falls under protection class III. The great versatility of the system allows the emergency connection of Beghelli LED fixtures designed for the purpose, but also of ordinary Beghelli LED lighting fixtures, simply by fitting the specific lamp module, Sicuro 24V Inverter LED. In an emergency the system provides a continuous voltage at 24Vdc, assigning a single specific address in self-learning for rapid identification. The system has a centralized battery. It is possible to integrate SICURO LED 24V in a BMS (Building Management System) with appropriate software.



• Possibility of control and monitoring of emergency lighting fixtures on the same line but with a different operating mode:
- SA functions: conversion of selected fixtures, in permanent mode
- For SA fixtures, dimmer function 10-100%;
- SE function: conversion of selected fixtures, in non permanent mode
• Non permanent mode with selective activation of the emergency function by external input modules in the event of partial loss of mains power
• Function of automatic recognition of the lines and of the lamp control modules installed
• Individual monitoring of 32 lamps per line
• Automatic performance of the operation and autonomy tests
• Automatic report on the tests performed.
• Storing of events for two years (LOG-BOOK)


• Device for automatic control and monitoring, in compliance with standard EN 62034. Monitoring is carried out by means of two types of tests. The shorter one evaluates the perfect operation of the system (functional test) and the more detailed one evaluates the emergency autonomy (duration test). The test results are stored in the SicuroLED device.
• Charger 27.2 V / 3A 27.2V / 5A, 27.2V 10A
• Automatic emergency activation in the absence of mains power. The system also allows the emergency to be managed autonomously on the various system sections.
• The mains presence on the distributions is indicated to the system by single-phase or three-phase mains sensor devices. They are fitted downstream from the differentials/disconnecting switches and monitor the single phase or the three phases.
• Each SicuroLED Control unit manages up to 128 lamps, subdivided into 4 lines of maximum 32 lamps each. Main characteristics and functions of the system:
- integration of SE and SA functionality
- Univocal and automatic addressing of the lamps
- Targeted monitoring of the single lamp
- In the presence of mains power, the lamps can be dimmed
from 10% to 100%
- SA lamps can be switched on or off directly by the control
unit, or by remote control by means of the input module 3+5
- In case of maintenance on the mains it is possible to time the
switching on and off of the lamps
• 3 relay outputs (programmable) for indicating:
- battery charging error
- battery error
- lamp error
- reaching minimum battery threshold
• RS485 interface for:
- interfacing max 2 input modules
- interfacing monitoring with optional Sicuro-Visual software
• ETHERNET interface for communication via
• USB interface for uploading and downloading the system configuration, the results of the tests performed, and for updating the software of the system and of the SicuroLED
• Lead batteries, life expectancy 10 years at working temperature 20°C.