SLG - Soccorlogica

The multifunctional centralized system


The SoccorLogica system is a centralized power supply system for emergency lighting with DIAGNOSTIC functions and automatic tests of operation and autonomy. The great versatility of the system allows fixtures already used for ordinary lighting to be connected in an emergency, simply by inserting the specific lamp module. In addition to the system fixtures, SoccorLogica also integrates fluorescent lighting fixtures equipped with an electronic control gear or a DALI type electronic control gear, incandescent, 230V halogen and low-voltage halogen fixtures with an electronic transformer: in an emergency the system provides a continuous voltage at 216Vdc, assigning a single specific address in self-learning for rapid identification. The SoccorLogica centralized battery system allows the installation of an emergency lighting system for structures of any size. It is possible to integrate SoccorLogica in a BMS (Building Management System) based on LON or KONNEX technology.



The centralized supply and control system with which every single lighting fixture con be controlled and supervised without any difficulty in programming allows different operating modes, such as: non permanent Emergency Only (SE), permanent lighting Always On (SA). Fixtures with different operating modes can be installed on the same line, commanded by a local switch with timed ignition, setting or modifying the data directly from the Control unit or be means of the specific VISUAL LOGICA software.
Using the special DALI ballast connection module, it is possible to choose the emergency flux lamp by lamp, with limitation of the power supplied in an emergency and consequent optimization of the system.



Each fixture is able to dialogue individually with the control unit using the supply lines for the exchange of information by means of powerline technology: on the power lines dedicated to the fixtures, the Control unit sends a digital transmission coded in such a way that it can be “heard” only by the fixture for which it is intended. This technology limits connections and installation cables, with an obvious saving in material and manpower.



The system manages and coordinates all the SoccorLogica systems in compliance with standards EN50171 and EN 50172.
The interface has four control buttons, one display, a multimedia board (MMC) and a printer port.
System function:

• Battery charging with indication of the current voltage
• Manual activation/deactivation of the inhibition of the
emergency function
• Automatic passage from normal to emergency mode in the
absence of mains power
• Selective activation of the emergency function with automatic
• Programmability of the automatic and operation tests with
automatic storage of all the test results for a duration of 2 years
• Automatic recognition of the fixtures and of the lines installed
• Automatic checking of electrical insulation for the lines and the
battery of the Control unit


The system Control unit is integrated in a metal cabinet that contains all the system components. In systems with higher powers there is a second cabinet containing the battery packs. The batteries used are 216 V packs with an average life of more than 10 years. Each control unit has a variable number of lineS, depending on the model. Each output module manages 2 lines able to control up to 32 fixtures for a maximum of 690W each line. The total must not exceed the total power of the Control unit. The possibility of sharing the emergency lighting power supply over several outputs, all individually protective and selective among one another, offers a great advantage from the point of view of safety and regulations, bringing a centralized power supply system close to the intrinsic safety of an emergency lighting system made with autonomous fixtures. The emergency fixtures, or the ordinary lighting fixtures fitted with the special lamp module, are directly connected on the line that leaves the SoccorLogica Control unit. In the absence of mains power, the supply to the emergency fixtures is guaranteed by the battery packs integrated in the control unit or housed in a separate cabinet.



• Possibility of control and monitoring of emergency lighting fixtures on the same line but with a different operating mode:
- SA functions: conversion of selected fixtures, in permanent
- SE function: conversion of selected fixtures, in non permanent
• Non permanent mode with passage to permanent mode by means of an external command
• Non permanent mode with selective activation of the emergency function by external monitoring modules in the event of partial loss of mains power
• Selective activation of the emergency function by means of auxiliary inputs
• Complete programmability of the functions of the lamp control modules and of the lines
• Function of automatic recognition of the lines and of the lamp control modules installed
• Individual monitoring of 32 lamps per line
• Automatic performance of the operation and autonomy tests
• Automatic report on the tests performed.
• Storing of events for two years (LOG-BOOK)