Smart Lighting

Innovative lighting management


Interior lighting
exterior lighting
5in1 smart driver
2in1 smart sensor

SmartLighting is a universal lighting system for variable lighting systems with integrated 5in1 smart driver and 2in1 smart sensor.


INNOVATIVE LIGHTING MANAGEMENTDecentralised and centralised control

VARIABLE LED-DRIVER dimmable & programmable

COMBINED LIGHT SENSOR AND PRECISION SENSOR auto dimm-funtion & auto switch-function

WIRELESS INTERFACES sensing device & switch / light-sensor & precision-sensor

WIRELESS LIGHTING MANAGEMENT 256 programmable dimm-scenes & switch-scenes / programmable auto dimm- & auto switch-functions

                                         Variable LED-driver
dimmable from 0 to 100 %
programmable network and battery-effort
interfaces for
safety-module (single battery)
Wireless-bus for lighting, actors and sensors
decentralised light management with automatic scenes
centralised light management with progammable scenes
programming via wireless-bus
optional controller Energy-consumption logging & attended time logging, controling with GSM network
perfect for restoration