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Profile of BEGHELLI – ELPLAST,a.s.

The company  BEGHELLI – ELPLAST,a.s.

The BEGHELLI – ELPLAST,a.s. moves on the Czech market under various names for over 140 years. During that time, the company managed to create a name as a manufacturer of quality lighting that meets the highest technical and aesthetic requirements. The domestic market is one of the most important producers of luminaires, branded products Beghelli-Elplast very well also apply to foreign markets in Europe and overseas. Currently Beghelli-Elplast is part of the multinational group Gruppo Beghelli, which gives it the necessary economic stability while ensuring distribution and technical support to new overseas markets such as Mexico or Hong Kong.



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The composition range of BEGHELLI – ELPLAST,a.s. is designed so that the company was able to offer complete lighting solutions for various projects and to meet various requirements. The main part of production program consists of interior and industrial LED lighting. This is mainly a traditional recessed, surface mounted or pendant luminaires with louver and a higher degree of protection, shock-resistant. The various types of luminaires are available in many varieties so as accurately meet customer requirements. In the BEGHELLI – ELPLAST,a.s. product range can be also found lamps specially designed for specific environments with special requirements for quality and durability, such as lamps with a high degree of protection IP 65 and special lighting features designed for use in healthcare, shock-resistant lighting for sports, etc. Offer of luminaires is supplemented by luminaires that are designed for outdoor lighting, such as streets, parks, sports fields, etc. A special group consists of the circular recessed lighting – downlights. Last year BEGHELLI – ELPLAST,a.s. range was extended to LED dustproof luminaires, intended for use in potentially explosive atmospheres of flammable gases – Zone 2 and for hazardous explosions of combustible dusts – Zone 22. Also important are the new design luminaires on light-based of power LEDs that follow the global trend of development.


Intelligent wireless Lighting Management System – SmartDriver
Electronic intelligence in the world of LED luminaires. The system allows you to set up specific light scenes connected to everyday situations or perform specific activities.





Trying to keep up with the latest trends in lighting technology and provide quality and innovative products lead the company to restore production investment planned park and care for employees’ professional growth. Therefore, in recent years spent tens of millions crowns in new machinery, which increased the quality, speed and production efficiency to meet the most demanding current requirements. Among the largest investments included the purchase of an automated painting line Eisenmann, which in addition to high power produces minimal environmental load. Excellent applied is also automatic cutting, punching and forming center Trumpf - TruPunch 2000. Thanks to these investments were included into product range new luminaires on world’s technical and aesthetic level.




BEGHELLI – ELPLAST,a.s. also pays great attention to ensure the service of their luminaires. Company, in addition to standard post-warranty service, offers its clients assistance in the preparation and specification of lighting projects. In addition, Beghelli-Elplast prepares for its clients (designers and representatives of wholesales electrical installation companies) special thematic trainings on the novelties of range and awareness of new trends in lighting.



Currently BEGHELLI – ELPLAST,a.s. is one of the most stable companies in the Brno region and permanently employs over 100 skilled employees. Even in this area the company’s management is aware of the benefits of investment and therefore regularly organizes training sessions and educational events that enhance their professional level and thus contribute to sustained growth in labor productivity.