System SmartDriver

System SmartDriver
Luminaires in the emergency world
From today, all the fixtures in the Stella Polare LED line are equipped with SmartDriver, an electronic control gear of the latest generation. A new point of arrival for electronic intelligence linked to the lighting world. Focus on functional expandability and high lighting performance: the management of every singlefixture can be customized by integrating the appropriate SD building automation Sensors or Modules which can be individually connected to the SmartDriver.
Building automation intelligence
The system allows specific luminous scenarios to be set, linked to everyday situations, or specially studied for carrying out particular activities. The scenarios can be activated both locally, with the Building Automation Control unit connected to a PC, and in remote mode through a Web interface, a Smartphone or a Tablet.

Wireless control
We reproduce all the functions of the most modern lighting systems, avoiding the laying of additional cables or BUS (e.g. DALI). The modularity of the SmartDriver system allows the function to be activated with only the connection of the Building Automation Module, equipped with a radio antenna and programmed to activate as soon as it is connected.
Dynamic detection of presences
A colour camera on board the appliance for the active and multidimensional detection of presences frames the work area and divides it into quadrants, individually connected to automatic actions on the lighting system, given by the movement of the people. This exclusive characteristic present in the Vision Module allows the system to respect the Standard for the Lighting of Workplaces UNI EN 12464-1. The images recorded can be downloaded by the Building Automation Control unit.

Self-adapting dimmer
Each SmartDriver appliance, equipped with an Autodimmer Sensor, becomes autonomous in its basic functions: it manages the lighting by automatically regulating the luminous intensity according to the natural or artificial light already present in the environment, with energy savings of up to 30% greater than LED fixtures with a fixed light intensity.


Total compatibility with Building Automation

The SmartDriver project allows a dialogue with other communication protocols like the DALI. The special DALI Module / 0-10V allows both DALI interfacing and 0-10V analogue dimming with direct control.