14 April 2021

New tests with the SARS-CoV2 virus

New tests using the SARS-CoV2_Cov2019 viral strain confirm the virucidal efficacy of the SanificaAria 30 Beghelli system

Beghelli, with the collaboration of the "Mario Veronesi" Technopole - TPM of Mirandola which carried out the consultancy, management and organization of the experimental plan in a specially equipped laboratory, has activated an investigation with the aim of determining the antiviral activity of the SanificaAria 30 Beghelli germicidal system (based on the use of a UV-C lamp) for air sanitization, with the specific viral strain SARS-CoV-2 responsible for the current Covid-19 pandemic.

The tested device demonstrated an average reduction in viral load of 2.46 log10 TCID50, corresponding to a reduction of 99.66%.


The new tests on SanificaAria with the specific viral strain SARS-CoV-2 demonstrate a reduction in viral load of 99.66%


“These tests confirm the effectiveness of air sanitization devices with UV-C technology in countering the effects of the pandemic, as is known and demonstrated by the scientific literature - said Gian Pietro Beghelli - our commitment is to characterize with tests and academic validations the performance of our systems intended for use by families, companies and institutions, even in the versions that combine sanitation and emergency lighting functions. ".


The TPM is a research center of excellence at the service of businesses and the territory managed by the Democenter Foundation. The TPM is among the protagonists of the response to the Covid-19 emergency. Thanks to its network of partners, since March 2020, it is in fact a national reference for the validation tests of some medical devices and contributes to the search for solutions to combat the epidemic