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In the first instance, it should be noted that access to the "Beghelli" site (hereinafter, for brevity, referred to as the "Site"), the home page of which is available at, automatically implies the acceptance of the set of rules, regulations and procedures which apply thereto, and which are published on the website and/or referenced herein. As such, the User is therefore asked to read these carefully, and in the event that he/she does not accept these rules, for any reason, should cease to use the site.


Intellectual and industrial property

The site as a whole, its individual pages, and any content published on it (e.g .: text, images, sound, video) constitute intellectual property under the Berne Convention and Law no. 633 of 22 April 1941, the so-called "Law on Copyright" (hereinafter, for brevity, referred to as the "LoC") and, as such, are protected by the above.

The content published on the site is the exclusive property of Beghelli, or is licensed to the company by the legitimate holder of the relevant rights of exploitation.

The User is permitted to download or reproduce content and other material available on the Site for his/her exclusively personal use, provided that this content is accompanied by clear statements detailing its source, and acknowledging ownership of the relevant rights. The reproduction and collection of all content for all purposes other than personal use by private individuals is expressly prohibited without specific prior authorisation issued in writing by Beghelli or by the holder of the copyright, as detailed on the Site, and as such, will be prosecuted according to law.

Under Article 5 of the LoC, the texts of official State and government department acts, whether Italian or foreign, are not covered by copyright. The texts pertaining to the above-mentioned measures published on this site, which can also be accessed via the links provided, should not be considered official. Accordingly, please refer to the respective paper texts published in the official formats.

Any brands and distinguishing marks that may be published on the Site are the property of Beghelli, or licensed for use by the company by the legitimate owners thereof.

Access to the website by the User and subsequent interaction with the Site does not constitute the granting or transfer (implicit or otherwise) of the industrial or intellectual property rights to the Site, to the individual pages of the site, or to any published material.



Third parties may provide links from their sites to the Beghelli website; this is only permitted on condition that these links only direct users to the Home Page (which can be accessed at the following URL:

Interactive links between the Site and other sites operated by third parties are not checked (with regard to information, products, services or any policies adopted by these sites) and similarly, no checks are carried out in order to determine whether or not these sites are operated in respect of any current legislation that is applicable from time to time.

Beghelli does not assume any responsibility for the content published on these external sites, for the products/services that these sites may offer, or for the policies or technical and operational methods used by such sites, with particular regard to IT security, privacy and ownership/management of industrial and intellectual property rights. In this regard, the User is obliged to use suitable antivirus protection systems, and to inquire about the policies stipulated by these sites with regard to the ownership/ availability of industrial or intellectual property rights.

The rules and the policies implemented by the Site for the protection of personal data apply exclusively to the Site itself. Each site that is accessible via links from the Site has its own privacy policy, which is different and independent from that implemented by the Site, and over which Beghelli exerts no control. Beghelli takes no responsibility for the completeness and legality of such rules. As such, the User must examine the policy and specific rules and regulations regarding confidentiality on third-party sites carefully.


Beghelli shall assume no responsibility for any Site errors or malfunctions that may cause disruption to the services offered or to the accessibility of the Site, nor for the content of third party sites that are accessible via links from the Site. Similarly, Beghelli cannot be held in any way liable for damages (of any kind) that may derive, directly or indirectly, from interaction with the Site.

Beghelli makes all reasonable efforts to ensure that the content published on the Site is updated and correct. However, errors and inaccuracies cannot be ruled out. As such, the company shall not accept any liability for errors, inaccuracies or omissions on the Site. Beghelli specifies that the contents of the Site should not be understood as being pre-contractual information with regard to the consumer. Please report any errors and/or omissions encountered; these may be sent by email to the following address:

Beghelli reserves the right to make corrections, modifications and improvements to the Site and its contents at any time.

Any dispute concerning the interpretation, application or implementation of these provisions will be subject to a mandatory attempt to reach a settlement, which will take place at ASAC (the Association for the Development of Conciliation Associations).

By accessing the Site, the User agrees to the application of the laws and regulations of the Italian State when settling all matters relating to use of this website.



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