23 May 2023

Blu Beghelli, the emergency with integrated night lamp

When safety turns into design, to improve people's lives in homes, offices and hospitals

Blu Beghelli is the first professional emergency luminaire with integrated night light, a multifunctional emergency luminaire, first on the market. Blu is a design lamp with reduced thickness that performs a dual function: night lighting with blue light and emergency lighting with white light. When not intervening in an emergency, Blu diffuses a pleasant and diffused blue light, powered "at no cost" by the surplus battery charge, ready to transform into highly visible white light in the event of a blackout.
Multifunctional without compromise

The luminaire was created as an emergency lamp and boasts characteristics superior to market standards, both in terms of flux (up to 500 lumen) and autonomy and duration of the luminaire. The duration of the autonomy is adjustable by jumper or by the B.Connect app according to the need, 1.5h or 3h.
But Blu Beghelli is also equipped with a battery of blue LEDs with calibrated color shades and intensity, designed to perform the function of night lighting with a diffused, restful and safe light emission in every application.
Blu is designed to provide double safety to the user: a carpet of blue light that allows you to see into the rooms at night, without having to turn on the lights, and the intervention of a professional emergency device in the event of a blackout which guarantees correct visibility of escape routes.
Schema dell'ecosistema Beghelli Solare per l'accumulo e la gestione dell'energia fotovoltaica
It is easy to think of how useful the dual function of an emergency lamp with integrated night light could be in both civil and public settings. There are numerous environments that require constant night lighting, from hospitals or retirement homes in order to allow staff and guests to move around the rooms and corridors without disturbing those who are resting; to commercial establishments with shop windows in order to maintain the visibility of the shop even at night; up to wellness centers or hotel lounge areas that require emergency lighting but also a relaxing atmosphere and, why not, "at no cost". The blue light, in fact, is powered by the surplus of energy inevitably produced by the emergency lighting power supply which is always active to maintain the optimal state of charge of the battery.
Technological and minimal design with very low thickness
On the aesthetic front, Blu is characterized by geometric and essential lines and a thickness of only 29 mm. Thanks to the particularly refined design and the possibility of wall mounting, the device can be installed in any architectural situation. In the SA version it is possible to select the color of the permanent blue or white lighting via jumper. The quality of all the components of the device, in particular the LiFe battery which characterizes its emergency performance, ensures its long life.