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A World of Light at Zero Cost

Renew your company's lighting system and save money is quick and easy

Today, more than ever, it is important to save energy, and to do so quickly and easily, we have designed "A World of Light at Zero Cost," a proposal that since 2006 has thousands of installations built and millions of luminaires telecontrolled and remotely controlled.
Many companies light their industrial spaces with old generation fixtures that consume a lot of energy, wasting money. Replacing fixtures requires costly investments, long lead times and continuous research to find the most cost-effective solution.
"Un Mondo di Luce a costo zero" involves the "zero cost" replacement of existing fixtures with new generation LED fixtures that maximize energy savings and visual comfort within the premises. A "turnkey" and "zero cost" solution thanks to the energy savings achieved, guaranteed and contractually certified, with the possibility of also obtaining Energy Efficiency Certificates (or White Certificates).
Compared to traditional lighting systems, the project guarantees effective, immediate and measurable savings on electricity expenses, associated with a real environmental benefit. A project therefore with a dual value: economic and environmental.
Our services on lighting include energy audit, design, luminaire replacement, maintenance, tele-management and tele-control, and project financial coverage, both for facilities under construction and existing lighting systems.
Through the use of high-efficiency LEDs and calibrated optics, the new luminaires have cutting-edge lighting performance and design suitable for every application area, offer maximum visual comfort, and provide energy savings of up to more than 80 percent. The ability to control and manage the light sources according to different time slots, the presence of people or vehicles (home automation control of the system), and to automatically adjust the light intensity taking into account the contribution of natural light (auto-dimmer), guarantees further savings.
“A World of Light at Zero Cost” is the E.S.Co. (Energy Service Company) solution dedicated to industry, tertiary and public bodies that combines state-of-the-art technology with integrated service.
We are at your disposal for further information or to arrange a meeting where one of our representatives will explain the project to you.