15 February 2022

Energy saving: a priority of yesterday, today and tomorrow

The future of the Planet is everyone's commitment and has always been ours

World Energy Saving Day is an opportunity to reiterate the importance of issues such as respect for the environment and sustainability, which are priorities in our society today more than ever.

February 18th is an anniversary, established in 2005, which promotes the commitment to improving the conditions of our planet, not only during this day, but by adopting a sustainable style in everyday life.

What does energy saving mean?

Eliminating waste, reducing consumption and implementing all those actions that allow you to save energy by leading an eco-friendly lifestyle, this means energy saving.

You can start by reducing lighting costs and consumption by using LED bulbs. Smart light bulbs also help reduce energy waste, allowing you to turn them off when you're away from home or program them automatically. The use of high energy class appliances reduces consumption and guarantees maximum efficiency at the same time.

In addition to the contribution that each of us can make, it is important that companies like ours also do their part: the photovoltaic systems present in all our Italian production sites cover part of the annual electricity requirement and for over 20 years we have done the our entry into the energy saving lighting sector to help our customers reduce costs and waste.

Already at the beginning of the 2000s, through an advertising campaign with Robert De Niro, we had promoted energy-saving industrial lighting systems, underlining how their installation would save energy and therefore money.

A few years later we launched a service for Public Bodies and Companies which involved the installation of new generation lighting systems, which would pay for themselves with the energy savings obtained, practically at zero cost. A pioneering solution, which has helped the planet by reducing polluting emissions and allowing energy savings of up to over 70% compared to traditional systems. With Beghelli Servizi we have been providing consultancy and experience in energy efficiency within all economic, private and public sectors for over 10 years. It is accredited by the Electricity and Gas Authority and since 2007 we have obtained Energy Efficiency Certificates (TEE) certification on numerous lighting projects.

Furthermore, with the evolution of our LED light sources, light bulbs for domestic use can last up to 35,000 hours and enable energy savings of 90% compared to traditional light bulbs.

Our commitment to choosing sustainable solutions has always characterized us, but it doesn't end here: last year we replaced the packaging of our products with new packages completely made of recyclable cardboard, thus reducing the use of plastic, and we are designing new solutions and products that respect the environment to protect future generations.
L'immagine rappresenta i nuovi packaging dei prodotti Beghelli composti da cartoncino riciclabile