02 December 2021

New energy label: what changes?

The label is updated but not the consumption of appliances and light bulbs

With the spread of household appliances and light sources with excellent performance in terms of energy consumption, the new European Union energy label has been in force since 1 March 2021. "New electrical devices are becoming more and more efficient, and almost all these products are classified in the highest categories (A+++, A++, A+, A, B...). Instead of adding more “+” to class A, we preferred simplify the new energy labels using a more intuitive scale ranging from A to G."explains the European Commission.

In short, what changes is the return to a classification from A to G. In this way, the pre-existing energy efficiency scale is simplified by eliminating the "+", increasing its understanding and reading.

New labels but low consumption and energy efficiency as always

This transformation is not synonymous with a downgrading of the products, in fact these present the same consumption and energy efficiency as before, but simply a transition, for example, from class A+ to class F.

So how do you recognize a rescaled product?

Our products have all already been rescaled and you can recognize them through a QR code on the packaging, which allows you to view the information and know the main technical characteristics. Naturally, we recommend that you compare the models with the same type of label.
Immagine che rappresenta lo schema delle nuove classi energetiche