31 October 2023

Technologies to fight viruses and bacteria at school

With the fall and winter seasons just around the corner, the need to make the air breathed in small, overcrowded environments such as classrooms healthier is back more relevant than ever.

The return of Covid variants, even though the virus is less scary than it was three years ago, puts the spotlight back on the need to keep behavioral awareness high and the importance of taking restraining measures in the run-up to the winter season, a season that inevitably brings with it flu and cold-related illnesses. But technology comes to our aid to knock down viruses and bacteria present with proven effectiveness.
SanificaAria 30 is Beghelli's solution to safely and continuously sanitize air in civil environments, even in the presence of people, thanks to patented UV-OXY technology. 
Ensuring sanitized air inside school environments, as an alternative or in addition to air exchange, is essential in order to break down the viral load in the air; it makes the places where the teaching staff, ATA and the pupils themselves, of course, spend a good part of their days healthier.
Why choose SanificaAria Beghelli in school buildings?
  • It is a sanitizer designed for use in public and professional settings as well, not just in the home, which improves air quality and at the same time "cleans" spaces of viruses and bacteria, rendering them inactive (and not trapping them in a filter);
  • Disposal is easy: the UVC lamp can be disposed of as WEEE, so like a regular household light bulb, as opposed to devices that use filters that must be treated as special waste;
  • It is quick, allowing 30m3 to be sanitized in just one hour;
  • Maintenance is easy: replacement of the UV-C lamp should be done after 9000 hours of continuous operation, requiring no other maintenance;
  • The sanitization process is safe (tests conducted by IMQ);
  • Installation is quick and non-invasive: thanks to the included brackets, it can be wall-mounted, which takes up less space than a floor installation and, most importantly, avoids possible tampering inside the classrooms;
  • It is energy-efficient: it consumes less than 25W/h. 
Efficacy tested by private laboratories and universities
SanificaAria Beghelli has been tested on the SARS-CoV-2 virus, and tests conducted by the Tecnopolo "Mario Veronesi" - TPM in Mirandola demonstrated an average viral load reduction corresponding to 99.66%. Germicidal efficacy on a wide range of viruses and bacteria has been verified at the laboratories of the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia and by the Department of Molecular Medicine of the University of Padua. The latter has also demonstrated the ability of SanificaAria Beghelli to reduce the risks of infections caused by infectious agents to approximately zero when certain situations occur. The efficacy of the SanificaAria technology was also studied in the hospital-health care environment with the study conducted by the University of Bologna, Department of Medical and Surgical Sciences (DIMEC) of Occupational Medicine. The experimentation was also carried out in the presence of people with SARS-CoV-2 virus disease (COVID-19), and the devices demonstrated the ability to completely abate the virus in the air already after one hour of operation.
Beghelli sanitization systems have already been adopted by 900 schools in Italy, from north to south. Beghelli has signed an agreement with the Spaggiari Parma Group for the distribution of SanificaAria solutions in schools, with the aim of guaranteeing the highest level of safety and protection for all the protagonists of the school world, pupils, teaching and administrative staff.

Our specialized consultants are available for technical advice and to evaluate the most suitable solutions to improve the safety conditions within the Institutes.. 
SanificaAria Beghelli is present on the  MEPA,  category GOODS, Small equipment and laboratory material - Sanitizers, purifiers, atomizers.