25 November 2021

What does smart home mean?

Simplify your life, your smart home in 5 simple steps

Having an intelligent home, or smart, means transforming it into an even more welcoming, safe and comfortable space. With a few precautions and a smartphone, lightening bills is not a dream, furthermore you can exploit all the potential of Dom-E to control light bulbs, sockets and the Dom-E control unit thanks to your Alexa or Google Home voice assistant, creating scenarios and controlling the devices wherever you are (the Dom-E app is compatible with Apple iPhone iOS 8.0 or later and Android 4.2 or later).
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Find out what you can do to make your home unique and smart.
1. Use Smart LED bulbs

We know, LEDs are the ideal solution to significantly reduce energy consumption. Our RGB+White LED bulbs can do much more. They are easy to install (just insert them into the lamp holder and they connect to your WiFi) and thanks to RGB technology you have millions of colors to select on the Dom-E Beghelli App, so you can create the right atmosphere for your rooms at any time. The "white light" option allows you to also use them for traditional lighting, without having to purchase other standard bulbs.
Our advice…
Have fun choosing different colors for each room, for example you can set bright colors in the children's bedroom and warmer colors at the table or in the living room. There is no rule: you create the right atmosphere with your imagination!
2. Smart socket: turn it on and off even outside the home
In our homes there are never enough sockets, which is why we rely on multiple sockets and adapters. The Dom-E range of Smart Sockets combines this need with the great advantage of remote management and constant monitoring of energy consumption. In fact, all Dom-E sockets (Smart Multisocket, Smart IT Socket and Smart Schuko Socket) measure the consumption of the associated devices and allow you to program switching on at specific times. Furthermore, they can be turned on or off anywhere and at any time, even outside the home.
Our advice…
You can use the Presa Smart Dom-E by connecting it to SanificaAria 30 to program automatic switching on and off or via the app. Turn on SanificaAria before arriving at home or at work, this way you will ensure that you always have sanitized air when you arrive, especially important in the winter period where seasonal ailments and viruses such as COVID-19 are easily transmitted!
3. Keep an eye on your home
Is everything ok at home? The range of Dom-E cameras allows you to monitor your home wherever you are. Designed to enjoy your activities outside the home in total serenity, you can configure them from your smartphone via Wi-Fi network, they are powered by lithium batteries, have a FullHD 1080p resolution and a 2-way audio channel with hands-free. They are equipped with a micro SD slot up to 128 GB, so you can record audio and video both on the external memory and on your smartphone remotely. The Motion version is motorized and you can direct it directly from the app. Features and small size make these cameras discreet and effective, allowing you to take a look at your home at any time.
Our advice…
You can combine the specific features of the three Dom-E cameras for a total view of your home. You can place the outdoor video camera at the entrance to your house or near doors and windows, because it is waterproof, has a motion sensor and night vision. You can install the Motion Video Camera on the wall or ceiling: thanks to the horizontal and vertical motorized rotation it has a 360-degree view of your room. Mini video camera has a design that allows for discreet installation, it can also be used as a High Tech baby monitor in the children's bedroom, so you can always have the situation under control even while you are having dinner with friends and the children are in bed.
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4. Color with LED strips

With RGB+White LED strips your home changes appearance and you can do it from your phone by deciding from millions of colors the right one for all areas of your home. The Dom-E Smart StripLEDs can be programmed and activated remotely from the app, they have a ready-to-use kit that includes 1 5-metre StripLED coil, 1 WiFi and infrared receiver, 1 multifunction remote control and 1 200-240V driver with 12V output. 2nd. You can also reduce its length by simply cutting it with scissors, this way you can adjust it according to your needs.
Our advice…
StripLEDs are very versatile. Try installing them under the cabinets in the kitchen, to have the right lighting when preparing dinner. Or install them behind the TV, to create the ideal atmosphere while watching your favorite series. Behind the headboard or under the bed you can create plays of color or have soft lighting when you get up at night to drink a glass of water. In short, there is no limit to your creativity!
5. Ready-to-use safety
A house is defined as completely smart if it also integrates a wireless alarm system, easy to install and configure. The Dom-E WiFi/GSM wireless alarm system is a ready-to-use kit that allows you to secure your home quickly and easily. In the kit you will find the control unit with integrated siren and operation even in the event of a blackout, a volumetric sensor, a wireless opening sensor that you can install on doors and windows, two remote controls and two magnetic keys to activate and deactivate the control unit. The alarm system also works without a GSM SIM and you can control it conveniently from the app.
Our advice…
The ready-to-use Dom-E kit is a first step to increase security, you can expand the system by adding other sensors, remote controls, sirens to the kit based on how your home is structured and expand the coverage.
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