Saving Stagna TubiLED
Waterproof ceiling light with replaceable LED tubes
IP65 waterproof ceiling light with the latest LED tubes included. The polycarbonate body is designed to withstand the heaviest stresses, and the silicon gasket and reinforced Nylon locking hooks ensure IP65 protection. 
The lighting aspects are top-notch, the high-efficiency LED tubes manage to provide maximum performance thanks to the integrated flux recuperator in the reflector.
  • High light output and body equipped with anti-aging polyurethane foam seals. 
  • Fiberglass-reinforced nylon clamping hooks and steel fixing brackets with variable spacing for ease of installation.
  • Functional shaped reflector for luminous flux recovery.
 Waterproof ceiling light with replaceable LED tubes
Luminaire equipped with mains protection characterized by practicality and reliability of installation. 
One-piece fiberglass-reinforced nylon hooks (also available in stainless steel) and ceiling-mounting brackets that directly attach the luminaire body.
The body is made of self-extinguishing, injection-molded, UV-stabilized polycarbonate, dyed in the mass color RAL 7035 gray, equipped with an anti-aging polyurethane foam gasket seal. The footprint of the product is very small with obvious advantages in all stages of storage and transportation.