Lens Panel LED
Multi-lens technology becomes biodynamic light with home automation management
The new LED lighting in the tertiary sector stands out for its elegance and performance. The versatility of the Lens Panel LED comes from its structural simplicity. The body is just 8 mm thick and incorporates a monolithic screen of the latest generation with multilenticular optics to maximise ground illuminance while avoiding glare. In the ED version, the driver is very small to remain inside the profile, giving the ceiling installation a total thickness of just 8 mm.
The SD system, on the other hand, offers all the possibilities offered by the home automation system for managing lighting scenes, people detection and piloted or automatic dimming. In addition, Lens Panel is available in HCL (Human Centric Lighting) version, the biodynamic lighting system that can follow the rhythms and colour temperature of sunlight to improve the efficiency and well-being of people in workplaces.
Multi-lens technology becomes biodynamic light with home automation management
A product designed for recessed installation in M600 modules, but achieves its maximum expression of elegance in ceiling and pendant installations without the need for an adapter frame. The profile is among the lowest on the market (8mm). In the Eco Driver version, the ballast is inserted inside the lamp profile. Thinner than an LED panel but with absolutely superior EFFICIENCY (>130lm/W). Optics realised with a multi-lenticular system with high transmittance that reduces glare (UGR <19) while maintaining luminous efficiency. HCL version with biodynamic colour temperature: possibility to select the desired colour temperature (from 2700K to 6000K) with Opticom System or to automatically follow the natural hue of the sunlight (Human Centric Lighting) during the hours of the day by means of a Home Automation Centre.