Logica 24 Dynamic
CTS Control Centres and Sub-Centres
The LOGICA 24 Dynamic System is an evolution of the LOGICA 24 System, with which it shares the control panels and various interfacing devices. The System is connected to the building's fire alarm system via the dry contacts of the S24 input modules, the fire alarm control panel, in the event of a signal from one or more smoke sensors, triggers a change of state of the inputs and predefined signalling scenarios. The escape sign scenarios, which are automatically activated in the event of a fire, indicate escape routes that are not at risk and activate the change of direction on the luminaires or block access to areas at risk with the switching on of no-entry signs.
  • Rescue and safety signs are designed to illuminate the safe place outside the building or to the assembly points, indicating the shortest route even in the event of power outages. In the event of fire, however, escape routes may be obstructed by smoke or fire, only a dynamic emergency system can take these situations into account, visually blocking unusable escape routes and showing safe alternatives. People's lives are a top priority, thanks to a system that contributes to the safe evacuation of buildings.
  • The dynamic system can be integrated into any system with LG24 or LG24 Extreme control panels, interfacing the system, for example, with the fire alarm system.
CTS Control Centres and Sub-Centres
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