Pratica SanificaAria
Air sanitization integrated with emergency lighting
Hybrid emergency luminaires with integrated air sanitizer. Thanks to the unique uvOxy® technology, with a closed-chamber UV-C ray flow cell, and no Ozone emissions, the system eliminates any risk during its operation and allows continuous sanitization of environments in the presence of people. Numerous tests, conducted at accredited laboratories, are available online and certify up to 99.9 percent sanitization efficacy on Coronaviruses and Bacteria far more aggressive than COVID-19.
SanificaAria: Hybrid appliance with uvOxy® air sanitization. Activation adjustment by switch on 3 steps: 8, 12, 24 h/day, with constant sanitizing rate.
High robustness of the body with LiFe battery. Presence of test button.
Applications: Industrial, Tertiary
Charging time: 12h
Air sanitization integrated with emergency lighting
Sanitizer Features
uvOxy® absorption
10 W
UV-C Wavelength  
Sanitization flow rate
5 m3/h
UV-C power
UV-C radiant power 
Sanitizing speed 
8, 12, 24h
Recommended Cartridge Life
12 months
Devices available with the following control systems:
TR - Traditional
LED battery check and possibility of autonomy adjustment (1h-3h)
AT - AutoTest
Local diagnosis (battery, source, circuit) and adjustable autonomy by acting on the circuit (1h-3h) or from App B.connect (1h-1.5h-2h-3h-8h)