Placca Brain Classic Emergenza
Emergency and step marker in a very small space
It is the latest generation of luminaires for emergency lighting and pathway markers in the civil and tertiary sectors. The whole range is designed with a complete standard equipment that allows installation within the most popular civil series. Fruttoluce1 maintains all the lighting features of the line in a very small space: it is the first emergency luminaire to occupy a single 503 box module.
Emergency and step marker in a very small space
Light plate with 15 settable colors and various levels of light intensity. Equipped with battery for emergency lighting.
Step marker function, night lighting, emergency lighting.
Double battery of high-intensity RGB LEDs with back light-like illumination and light diffusion pattern.
Can be installed on all popular civil series using the same inserts and frame already in place. White version and black version.

Applications: Civil, tertiary, luxury hotels, show rooms, designer restaurants

Installations: On box 503


TRADITIONAL emergency systems

TR - TRADITIONAL self-powered luminaires with only local diagnosis on batteries.


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