Inverter LED
Emergency lighting
Inverter for LED source luminaires characterized by high performance and great flexibility, with output current control and constant peak current PWM modulation, to drive the LED module optimally while avoiding distortion effects of luminous flux and LED color temperature (K).
Inverter for AT or CT luminaires, both wired and radio control. Optional Booster Battery for doubling autonomies.
Quick wiring and optional IP65 shell.


Emergency lighting
Electronic power supply unit for emergency lighting to illuminate LED modules. The autonomy of the device can be selected independently from the bulb - 1 hour, 2 hours or 3 hours. The output current control unit with PWM modulation (constant peak current) enables the LED module to be powered in the most suitable way possible, preventing any distortion of the luminous flux and the colour temperature of the LEDs. Maximum versatility for an LED inverter. Self-adapting output voltage with automatic load detection. independent power output from the LED module connected, now with the new Batteria Autoripara accessory, which doubles the safety and power.
The LED inverter can recognise the presence of the second battery and double the output power from 6W to 12W. The charging system guarantees 1 hour of autonomy after 12 hours of battery charging in the 2 hour and 3 hour configurations. The ability to disconnect via the power supply relay from the driver and the LED circuit render Beghelli LED Inverter a universal product, which is compatible with all drivers. In the LG version, when the latter is not reached by the BUS, a self-diagnosis test is automatically run (AutoTest).