EcoLED HLO E40/E27
Compact HLO-LED lamps with integrated driver
Very high efficiency HLO EcoLED compact lamps with integrated driver, ideal for replacement of discharge or high power fluorescent lamps.
The product is designed to operate powered directly from the mains so if installed in fixtures designed and wired for lamp types that involve the use of ballasts or igniters, some modifications must be made as stated in the technical manual and instruction sheet.
  • Lamp with interchangeable E40/E27 socket included and applicable on two different sides to optimize the diffusion beam.
Warning: non-dimmable LED bulb, do not use with dimmers.
Compact HLO-LED lamps with integrated driver
They differ from other economic proposals on the market in:
- Luminous flux stability + high light quality (RA) = high visual comfort
- Modern and refined design = pleasing in visible installations
- High quality of electrical components and materials = very long service life