Sorpresa Modulo LED
LED module that turns on in the event of a blackout.
Surprise LED Module adds the emergency light function to all LED and fluorescent bulbs with E27 socket (large screw). It turns on when the light goes out and never leaves you in the dark!

It is a simple and innovative electronic module that is mounted on the base of a normal LED or CFL bulb with an E27* socket. It recharges every time the light is turned on and in the event of a blackout its LEDs turn on automatically, with an autonomy of 2 hours.

To no longer remain in the dark when the power goes out, it is no longer necessary to have an emergency lighting device installed in the house, the kitchen chandelier bulb transforms into an emergency light with the Surprise PowerLED module. Thanks to the innovative circuit, the Lithium Ion battery and the integrated LED module, Sorpresa PowerLED turns on automatically in the event of a power failure and then turns off when the power returns.

*The module cannot be used with incandescent and halogen bulbs but only with LED and compact fluorescent bulbs with a power not exceeding 30W
LED module that turns on in the event of a blackout.