Inverter solare ei-uno
Single-phase hybrid inverter with ON-GRID connection
The ei-uno hybrid inverter is the single-phase model for ON-GRID connection, specifically designed for residential applications, capable of managing up to 17.3kW with energy production and consumption monitoring via App and Beghelli cloud thanks to the integrated Wi-Fi module. Alternating current output for use of the energy supply in the event of a grid blackout.
Single-phase hybrid inverter with ON-GRID connection
  • Grid-connected single-phase hybrid inverter (ON GRID) with battery storage management and EPS OFF GRID emergency function (disconnected from the grid)
  • High battery charging and discharging efficiency of up to 97%.
  • Management of up to 150% of nominal photovoltaic input power
  • Low start-up voltage on the PV array side (higher utilisation of solar energy)
  • MPPT optimisation function in case of PV array shading
  • Operating temperature -35°C to 60°C (with derating above 45°C)
  • Integrated SPD (overvoltage protection)
  • CT (current meter) supplied
  • Two inverters can be connected in parallel
  • WiFi module included
  • Web site and free monitoring APP
  • Wall mounting brackets, cables and connectors included




Max. Input power of the photovoltaic field [Wp]. 4500 5500 9000
Max. Input voltage [V]. 600 600 600
Starting voltage [V] 90 90 90
Nominal input voltage [V] 360 360 360
MPP tracker voltage range [V] 70-550 70-550 70-550
Number of MPP trackers/Strings per MPP tracker 2(1/1)   2(1/1)   2(1/1)  
Maximum input currents (input A/input B) [A] 16/16 16/16 16/16
Maximum short-circuit current (input A/input B) [A] 20/20 20/20 20/20
(grid-connected inverter)
  3kW 3.7kW 6kW
Power rating AC OUTPUT [W] 3000 3680 6000
Rated current AC OUTPUT [A] 14.4  16 26.1
Max. Apparent power AC OUTPUT [VA] 6300 3680 6600
Max. Current AC OUTPUT [A] 14.4 16 28.6
Max. Apparent AC input power [VA] 6300 7360  9200
Max. AC input current [A] 27,4 32 40
Nominal AC voltage [V] 220/230/240
Rated mains frequency/mains frequency range [Hz] 5/6
Power factor adjustment range 0.8 inductive to 0.8 capacitive
THDi (rated power) [%] <2
  3kW 3.7kW 6kW
Battery type Lithium Iron LiFePO4 Battery
Battery voltage range [V] 80-480
Maximum continuous charge/discharge current [A] 30
(Inverter disconnected from the grid in blackout conditions)
  3kW 3.7kW 6kW
Nominal output power [W] 3000 3680 6000
Peak apparent power [VA, s] 3600 4400, 60 7200, 10
Maximum deliverable current 13 16 26.1
Rated voltage [V]/Frequency [Hz] 230; 50/60
THD with resistive load [%] <2
ON-GRID --> OFF GRID switching time in case of power failure internal switch <10ms, external switch <100ms
Parallel operation yes
  3kW 3.7kW 6kW
Maximum efficiency [%] 97.6
Euro efficiency [%] 97.0
Battery charge/discharge efficiency [%] 95.0/95.0
Standby consumption [W] @Night <3
IP rating IP65
Operating temperature range [°C] -35~+60 (reduced to 45°C)
Maximum operating altitude [m] <3000
Humidity [%] 0-100
Typical noise emission [dB] <30
Storage temperature [°C] -40~+65
Dimensions[WxHxD] [mm] 482x417x181
Weight [kg] 24
Inverter cooling mode Natural convection
Communication interfaces CT (current meter) / COM RS485 / BMS port battery connection (CAN, RS485) / CAN port (for connecting several inverters to each other) / port for WiFI module or Ethernet / USB for SW update / DRM (Demand Response Mode) port for control from network operator
  3kW 3.7kW 6kW
Security EN/IEC62109-1/-2
EMC EN61000-6-l/2/3/4;EN61000-3-2/3/n/12
Certification VDE4105 /G99 /G98/AS4777 / EN50549/ CEI 0-21 / CEI 0-16 / IEC61727 / RD1699/UNE 206007-1/NRS 097-2/VDE0124
  • EPS: Emergency Power Supply, an output that is activated in the event of a blackout by supplying power to loads connected in AC at 230V, using battery energy, if available
  • BMS: Battery Management System, electronic battery controller, incorporated in battery packs
  • DRM: Demand Response Mode, standard and interface for possible control of the inverter by the public grid operator

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