14 October 2020

Architectural + Environment = ArchiEco

The eco-friendly and design emergency luminaires




Finally, from today aesthetic needs and safety needs in public and work environments can go hand in hand.

Archieco is the new Beghelli line of emergency and signage luminaires that combines design and safety, ideal for responding to the demands of the world of lighting designers and interior architects.





Aesthetic essentiality
The architectural lighting design of an interior takes into account the shapes, colors, materials and needs of the people who live there, to create functional lights and scenarios that are also full of emotional potential. Emergency lighting sometimes struggles to integrate properly into this philosophy due to luminaires with shapes, colors and sizes that clash with the environment in which they are placed.

From the understanding of architectural needs, combined with respect for the environment, Archieco is born, a line of emergency and signage luminaires aesthetically suited to be placed in any application environment: residential, commercial or public.




Paintable surface: wall and emergency lamp become one
The design of all the fixtures in the ArchiEco line is inspired by aesthetic minimalism: simple elements, clean lines and small dimensions. To this is added a specific surface treatment that allows the lamps to be painted together with the wall. The non-transparent materials with which the appliances are made are subjected to a structured surface treatment that makes them similar to plaster, both in terms of clinging power to normal wall paints, and in terms of surface roughness.

After installation, the Archieco line creates a material whole with the installation surface, the luminaires "disappear" on the wall and the emergency lighting system is almost invisible, without however affecting its ability to intervene and safety.



Environmentally friendly philosophy

ArchiEco also means respect for the environment: all structural components are characterized by the drastic reduction of pollutants in production processes and renewable raw materials, such as aluminum, recycled plastics or new generation polymers such as PHA, bio plastic obtained from organic sources, not of chemical origin, entirely biodegradable and compostable.
The ArchiEco line includes: Nu.da, Design, Dot, Zero.