Case study
20 April 2024

Beghelli FM Logic at Glasgow Caledonian University (Scotland)

Provide an emergency lighting and luminaire control system that can be operated centrally. 

The project involved the provision of an emergency lighting control system and luminaires that could be managed centrally.
To provide a wireless system with proven signal integrity, which was easy to install and did not cause interference with existing equipment and other network devices in operation. A solution without communication cables to add and remove devices to the system.

Hostwave  achieved this by recommending Logica FM Beghelli, an autonomous wireless control system that manages emergency lighting from a central point on site and/or remotely. 


Each LED luminaire has its own IP address, a battery and a wireless inverter hidden inside, pre-addressed and containing a transceiver module that enables it to receive and transmit data signals.
As no communication cable is required, it is ideal for installation in renovated or new buildings.

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