28 July 2023

Beghelli Servizi obtains AGCM's legality rating.

The AGCM authority awarded the company a "Two Star +" rating.

We have always focused on business transparency, which is why we are honored to have received the legality rating, which testifies to our efforts in acting correctly and ethically.

Established in 2022 by the Competition and Market Authority (AGCM), it is a summary indicator of compliance with high standards of legality. The award is given to companies that meet predetermined criteria such as a minimum turnover of two million euros in the fiscal year ended in the previous year, registration in the business register for at least two years on the date of application, operational headquarters in Italy, and the substantive requirements required by the Implementing Regulation on legality rating.

Thanks to Beghelli Servizi, we can claim to be among the 10,162 companies that, as of December 2022, have received the legality rating. This recognition lasts two years, is renewable and allows for various benefits, including reputational ones.

Who is Beghelli Servizi?
Founded in the 1990s, Beghelli Servizi is an Energy Service Company (E.S.Co.) that offers integrated services for energy-saving lighting systems. It deals with the replacement of traditional lighting fixtures with energy-efficient LED fixtures
The choice of LED technology is due to its peculiarity, which is to allow energy savings of at least 50 percent compared to traditional lighting systems. This saving percentage can reach up to more than 90% if Beghelli technology and services are used.