11 March 2021

Emergency and sanitation: all in one!

Emergency lamps against viruses and bacteria

The Beghelli project dedicated to the uvOxy® air sanitation system takes shape, after the Covid-19 emergency, to address the issue of the bacteriological and viral load present in the air, thanks to a continuous sanitization system, effective against viruses and bacteria.
Alongside the air sanitization devices, we were the first to design emergency lighting devices that integrate the air sanitization function.
We have used our experience on light to create a solution that contributes to safety and health in public places and in the workplace, counteracting viruses and blackouts at the same time.
UvOxy® technology: more than 99% effective on viruses and bacteria
Thanks to a miniaturization process, the uvOxy® sanitization system has been added to the latest generation Beghelli luminaires for emergency and signage lighting, which bases its technology on a flow cell internally lit by a UV-C source, through which the air circulation is forced, which comes out sanitized.
The flow cell is equipped with a ventilation system capable of sanitizing large quantities of air despite the small size of the device.

This UV-C controlled emission sanitation system kills over 99% of viruses and bacteria and is designed to avoid harmful direct contact with ultraviolet rays and to prevent the production of Ozone, keeping the process always effective and respectful of the environment and people's safety.


The effectiveness of the uvOxy® system has been tested by various public and private laboratories.


The anti-viral efficacy evaluation tests were performed by the microbiology and virology laboratory of the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia, while the Tecnal laboratory in collaboration with GELT International carried out germicidal efficiency tests, demonstrating that the UV- C di SanificaAria Beghelli is able to irradiate the volume of treated air with an amount of energy sufficient to break down more than 99% of viruses, bacteria and other microorganisms (tests carried out according to the ISO15714 standard).


The measurements of the emission of UV-C radiation were carried out by IMQ.

A wide range of models suitable for different installations
Each appliance has been designed to meet the stringent European regulations on safety in public or work places (EN 60598-1, EN 60598-2-2, EN 60598-2-22, UNI EN 1838, UNI 11222, EN 62034) which provide different levels of lighting and areas to be illuminated according to the type of installation.
In the case of panic lighting of large areas, a light beam is required that covers a large surface to allow people to safely evacuate the environment. In the case of escape routes, on the other hand, it is necessary to concentrate the light beam to illuminate passages and corridors in order to identify and reach the nearest emergency exit.
The different models offered by Beghelli make it possible to meet these needs by installing in the area to be secured the luminaires in different numbers and distances based on the different optical characteristics and emitted luminous flux.
From the point of view of air sanitization, the devices are designed to have a balance between emergency and sanitation so that the greater ability to illuminate an emergency area is similar to the greater volume of sanitized air, a product with installation center distance the greater it therefore has a greater sanitizing capacity.

The advantages

  • Integration of two functions: sanitation and emergency
  • Ideal positioning for both emergency and sanitation functions
  • No need for additional power or wiring
  • Continuous sanitation of environments, even in the presence of peoplePerfect for closed environments and / or in the absence of natural ventilation


Through the exclusive uvOxy® technology, used by Beghelli in SanificaAria products, ultraviolet rays are always confined within the flow cell of the device without coming into direct contact with people.


Sanitation can therefore be continuous, 24 hours a day, even while people are present in the environment; is the most suitable solution for areas such as cinemas, theaters, schools, restaurants, bars, gyms, hospitals, industries, offices, shops, the same ones that, for regulatory obligations but primarily for obvious safety reasons, must have a emergency lighting.

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