18 June 2021

Forlì: the first "covid free" airport thanks to Beghelli technology

Presented the technological innovation intervention realized in collaboration with Beghelli

The restart of the economic activities of the country, and of Emilia Romagna, also pass through a resumption of tourist flows, to whose success even the resumption of air travel can contribute significantly. The installation of air sanitization devices, carried out with our UV-C technology systems, to make the environments of the Forlì airport "covid-free" goes in this direction. It is a total of 6,000 square meters, which have the capacity to accommodate up to one million passengers a year. The intervention involved the installation of SanificaAria devices, which exploit ultraviolet radiation, for the inactivation of bacteria and viruses.

The use of Beghelli air sanitation devices places Forlì airport among the most advanced and safe for restarting


The event saw the presence of the Regional Councilor Donini, the President of Forlì Airport Giuseppe Silvestrini, the Mayor Zattini and Gian Pietro Beghelli, President and Founder of the group of the same name


“The actions to combat the pandemic continue to require the utmost attention on the prevention front. Therefore, I can only welcome every initiative in which, as in the case of this important investment, a decisive contribution is made to improving health conditions. Of course, I am also proud of the industrial innovation processes that companies in our area, such as Beghelli Spa, have produced under the pressure of the emergency and on which they will continue to focus" said Raffaele Donini, councilor for health policies of the Emilia-Romagna.


On this point, Giuseppe Silvestrini, president of Forlì Airport, said: "FA srl's goal has always been to make Ridolfi a technologically advanced Covid Free airport. We are proud to have succeeded thanks to the technology made available to us by Beghelli. In a historical moment like this it is necessary to equip oneself with the best equipment to be safe from Covid and as soon as Beghelli's innovative project was presented to us, we married him. We have installed around 120 SanificaAria devices throughout the airport: in check-ins, in the control area, in gates, arrivals, departures and in the offices of employees and law enforcement agencies in order to guarantee maximum safety for our passengers and all those who work with us. Being the first Covid Free airport in Italy is not only an honor, but above all it allows us to guarantee maximum safety to all those who want to fly from Forlì".


The Forlì airport has been managed by FA srl since 28 October 2020, a newco entirely made up of entrepreneurs from Romagna, and hosted the first flight on 30 March 2021, almost eight years after the last, having been closed to commercial traffic since 2013. The airport is located in one of the best equipped regions in Italy, also to cope with the growing demand for travel with the main European cities where intercontinental hubs are located.


"We are proud to have contributed to the modernization of the Forlì facility by providing our technology to minimize the risk of contagion in environments with high traffic and parking of people." commented Gian Pietro Beghelli, Chairman of Beghelli S.p.A. "Our sanitizing devices allow us to maintain high safety standards in environments that are still at potential risk and are useful for use in other contexts of aggregation of people, such as schools, cinemas, restaurants, hotels, industries, offices, such as homes and spaces in the private, even beyond the pandemic emergency ".


“Today we celebrate a great achievement for the city of Forlì. Thanks to the precious partnership developed between FA srl and the Beghelli group, the Ridolfi is preparing to become the first Covid Free airport in Italy, a place characterized by very high levels of sanitation, where the transit and parking of passengers can take place in the maximum safety, thanks to certified equipment and the quality of cutting-edge technologies. The anti-Covid investments made in recent months by the airport management company certify the great sense of responsibility reserved by it for the health of its passengers and that of all airport workers. Under these conditions, the restart will be even safer and projected towards new challenges. I take this opportunity again to thank the President of FA srl, Giuseppe Silvestrini, and all the people who have made it possible to achieve this further important milestone. Forlì returns to fly in style, with renewed confidence and in total safety” concluded Gianluca Zattini, Mayor of Forlì.


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