Case study
25 November 2023

Hanon Systems (Hungary)

Lighting renovation of the Hungarian headquarters of the well-known brand.

Hanon Systems is an established global automotive supplier of eco-friendly and high-efficiency thermal and energy management solutions.


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Beghelli products have been used in the following areas:

  • production area
  • warehouse area
  • offices

Beghelli supplied the following lighting products:

Production and warehouse area:

  • FH300ED
  • Formula65
  • Kubus

Office and other areas:

  • LED Panels 70041
  • Downlight IP54 40306, 40307
  • Formula65
  • Pluraluce
  • Multi-D
  • Triangle

The stations for emergency:

We used S24 in the whole factory. S24G-12 (17070) and S24G-24 (17071)