Lighting and sanitation together!

The sanitization of the air integrated in the lighting



The Beghelli project dedicated to the uvOxy® air sanitation system takes shape, after the Covid-19 emergency, to address the issue of the bacteriological and viral load present in the air, thanks to a continuous sanitization system, effective against viruses and bacteria.



Lighting fixtures with built-in sanitization system

Alongside the devices for air sanitation, we have created hybrid devices that combine the functions of lighting and air sanitation with UV-C technology.

UvOxy® technology
The sanitization device is based on a closed chamber flow cell, internally illuminated by a UV-C source, through which the circulation of air is forced, which comes out sanitized, without ozone emissions. The exclusive uvOxy® technology eliminates any risk during its operation and allows the continuous sanitization of environments, even in the presence of people.

This controlled emission ultraviolet ray sanitation system kills over 99% of viruses and bacteria and is designed to avoid harmful direct contact with ultraviolet rays and to prevent the production of Ozone, keeping the process always effective and respectful of the environment. and people's safety.





For tertiary, public sector, schools, offices

Through the exclusive uvOxy® technology, used by Beghelli in SanificaAria products, ultraviolet rays are always confined within the flow cell of the device without coming into direct contact with people. Sanitation can therefore be continuous, 24 hours a day, even while people are present in the environment.


Effectiveness tested over 99% on viruses and bacteria

The effectiveness of the uvOxy® system has been tested by various public and private laboratories.
The anti-viral efficacy tests were performed by the microbiology and virology laboratory of the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia, while the Tecnal laboratory in collaboration with GELT International carried out germicidal efficiency tests, demonstrating that the UV- C di SanificaAria Beghelli is able to irradiate the volume of treated air with an amount of energy sufficient to break down more than 99% of viruses, bacteria and other microorganisms (tests carried out according to the ISO15714 standard).
IMQ, the Italian Quality Mark Institute, carried out the emission measurements of UV-C radiation, verifying the absence of dangerous emissions.
Led Panel RTI SanificaAria - 600x600
Aesthetics identical to the LED panels used for lighting Hybrid luminaire with air sanitization.
Available in CCT-HCL version with regulation of the light color temperature in fixed mode (CCT) or automatic according to the hours of the solar day (Human Centric Lighting).


Module 600 SanificaAria

Blind panels M600
Recessed luminaire, without light source, to be used only for air sanitization.
Both appliances have a sanitizing flow rate of 200 m3 / h.
Sanitization can be managed remotely, via a control unit, or locally with a dedicated App, for switching on and off, adjusting the fan speed on 3 levels and operating timing.


The advantages

  • Integration of two functions: sanitation and lighting
  • No need for additional power or wiring
  • Continuous sanitation of environments, even in the presence of people
  • Perfect for closed environments and / or in the absence of natural ventilation