Case study
20 September 2021

Lighting of manufacturing plants (worldwide)

Lighting installation at area designated for the production of high-tech systems and components for the auto industry

Lighting system at area intended for the production of high-tech systems and components for the automotive industry - area of 61000 square meters.
The intervention included the replacement of the existing system with efficient, LED and high luminous efficiency fixtures.
Energy saving is achieved not only through the low-consumption technology of the fixtures but also through the self-regulating system of light intensity with which they are equipped, which takes into account the external brightness available at various times of the day inside the facilities.
Each lamp is equipped with a photocell that, when connected to the electronic ballast, communicates an instantaneous reading of the contribution brought by natural light to the ambient illuminance. This information allows the electronic ballast to correctly calibrate the intensity so that the illumination on the work surfaces is kept constant. Added to this is the selection of the ideal photometry for the purpose of glare reduction.
Energy efficiency and the amplitude of automatic changes in luminous flux ensure minimal energy consumption at all times of the day, while also raising the level of visual comfort in the rooms.