27 June 2024

Monitoring energy consumption and photovoltaic production is easier with Beghelli Solare.

The simple and comprehensive app allows you to manage and monitor your PV system wherever you are. 

Imagine having an app designed to manage energy consumption more efficiently and with which to control your solar energy production. From checking battery status to monitoring energy consumption, all this is now real with Beghelli Solare.

The app allows complete and remote management of your photovoltaic system, residential or commercial, maintaining optimal performance and preventing the risk of failures and malfunctions. In addition, monitoring allows for greater energy savings and increased sustainability by decreasing unnecessary loads, resulting in lower energy bills and greater financial savings.
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Collaborative management, from home or office, with Beghelli Solar in the Cloud.
Beghelli Solare
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The Beghelli Solare platform is also available in the cloud and allows management and access to the photovoltaic storage system (just plug the appropriate grid connection accessory into the inverter). 
In this way you can: 
  • Constantly verify energy production
  • Compare reports for previous periods
  • Verify the status of the batteries
  • Monitor how much energy has been sold to the Energy Services Manager (GSE)
  • Check CO2 savings and environmental parameters
  • Verify and monitor energy loads
  • See the progress of the monetization of photovoltaic production
Cloud Beghelli Solare
Why is it important to control consumption?
Taking energy-saving measures is not enough; it is increasingly necessary to monitor and understand how to take action to reduce waste and increase efficiency.
Knowing how much your dishwasher, washing machine, and any other household appliance consumes is important to be aware of your environmental impact. In addition, scheduling the switching on and off of household appliances makes it possible to reduce consumption and make the most of the energy stored and produced by the photovoltaic system.
Consumption monitoring thus offers numerous advantages: not only does it reduce expenses and increase efficiency, but it also facilitates preventive maintenance and optimized scheduling. With Beghelli Solare, you can take advantage of all these benefits quickly and easily, from the comfort of your smartphone or PC.
Placca smart Beghelli 
With the Smart Monitor Plaque, it is easier to monitor your consumption and know at a glance what energy you are using. 
The installation of the plaque, which does not change the existing system, signals in real time the type of energy in use. If self-generated energy from photovoltaics is used, the plaque lights up green; if energy from the grid is used, the light turns yellow.  
Thanks to this innovative system, monitoring energy consumption becomes even easier and more immediate.