Case study
20 November 2023

Relamping in the elementary school (Italy)

The City of Montemurlo thanks to "smart" lamps maximizes savings and visual comfort.

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Relamping refers to the replacement of old-generation luminaires with high-efficiency and therefore energy-saving LED lighting fixtures
The process, in addition to reducing costs and emissions, makes it possible to ensure proper lighting in rooms because it keeps the "useful light" constant through fixtures that automatically adjust the luminous flux according to the natural light already present, minimizing waste and ensuring visual comfort.
The Municipality of Montemurlo (PO) has adopted this solution and, thanks to the intervention carried out in 2019, saves more than 15 thousand euros per year in electricity and reduces CO2 emissions into the atmosphere by 36 tons per year. The 308 new generation Beghelli fixtures installed in the "Anna Frank" elementary school have led to an average reduction in energy consumption of 77.3 percent compared to the past, with peaks of 80 percent.
Gian Pietro Beghelli says, "Thanks to our products and services, which can be used in schools but also in other public buildings and companies, energy savings can reach more than 90 percent, benefiting not only the income statement but also the environment. This is an important saving for public administrations, which could divert the money saved to other projects useful to the citizenry."
The benefits to municipal coffers could also be replicated in other municipalities by replacing the present lighting system with Beghelli "smart" lamps. In fact, according to the National Association of Building Constructors (ANCE) report, 42.5 percent of the 40,160 active school buildings in Italy do not have energy consumption reduction devices.
Beghelli LED luminaires can be remotely managed, maximizing energy savings and visual comfort, also from the perspective of Human Centric Lighting, which envisions a lighting concept focused on people and their daily rhythms
In addition to smart lamps, we offer energy-saving lighting services from an E.S.Co. perspective, with energy diagnosis, design, installation, remote control and management, maintenance, and financial solutions to support them.
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