23 November 2021

Salvalavita Phone, the evolution of the traditional Salvalavita

Find out which one is right for you between Phone and the other Salvalavita Beghelli versions.

Salvalavita is a fundamental pillar of our company history, it tells above all about innovation, safety and closeness to people. Salvalavita Home has always been close to your loved ones, with its unforgettable SOS button, ready to intervene in case of need.

The innovative drive led us to add the new Phone to the family which allows you to have all the security even outside the home, with the added convenience and functionality of a mobile phone.
How Salvalavita Beghelli works
The devices of the Salvalavita family are designed to guarantee rapid intervention in case of need. From the more traditional Salvalavita Home, through Pocket GSM and Watch GSM to the Salvalavita Phone, all devices can be programmed to make a request for help simply by pressing the emergency button.

The request will go directly to your loved ones or you can rely on our Salvalavita Centre, which has been providing services to help you feel safer for over twenty years. When the devices are enabled for geolocation, in the event of an emergency, the Telesoccorso service identifies your position and shares it with the public health service, which will reach you quickly.

Furthermore, the Salvalavita Center has services such as Medico Amico which allows you to have an immediate medical opinion, a consultation on medicines, treatment facilities, administrative aspects of the public service and request the dispatch of a doctor or an ambulance. Or the Telecompany service where you have the opportunity to be called periodically by our operators, who are available to help manage paperwork, make purchases, listen, give comfort or simply have a chat.
Foto di Salvalavita Phone e Salvalavita Band
Why choose Salvalavita Phone?
Salvalavita Phone is not just a phone for the elderly, it is much more! Compact, essential, with a large display, very large backlit buttons and the inevitable SOS quick button. It includes the functions of a cell phone such as speed dial keys, high volume, vibration, SMS, radio, flashlight, calculator and a camera with flash.
Salavalavita Phone allows you not to give up the small pleasures of life, a peaceful walk in the park or a trip out of town.
What if you're taking a hot bath or a simple shower? Don't worry, we thought of the Salvalavita Band, the water-resistant (IP64) and comfortable to wear accessory that you can always keep on your wrist during your daily activities.
Salvalavita Phone: your safety at your fingertips!
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