09 March 2022

SanificaAria Beghelli lands overseas

Florida International University of Miami adopts our air sanitization devices

Attention to the procedures and operations of cleaning, disinfection and maintenance of good indoor air quality is increasingly widespread, not only in reference to the possibility of airborne transmission of the Coronavirus but also to bacteria present in particular environments.
The installation of air sanitization devices at the International University of Florida goes in this direction. The University has chosen the SanificaAria devices, which exploit UV-C radiation with UVOxy technology, for the inactivation of bacteria and viruses.
Florida International University in Miami is one of the 50 best American public universities, 58,000 students study on its two campuses and different centers.
The University has adopted sanitation systems to protect students, teachers, staff and guests. In particular, the SanificaAria products have been installed in the culinary department, where the chefs of the future are trained. In kitchens, high temperatures and humidity can cause an increased presence of bacteria, against which UV-C technology is most effective.
Florida International University's interest in air sanitation solutions is not linked only to the health emergency due to Covid-19 but to the desire to activate every tool aimed at improving the conditions of well-being and general health.
"I can only welcome with great satisfaction the news that our made in Italy technology has been adopted in a prestigious American university." commented Gian Pietro Beghelli, Chairman of Beghelli S.p.A. "Our sanitizing devices allow us to maintain high safety standards in environments that are still at potential risk and are useful for use in different contexts of aggregation of people, such as schools, cinemas, restaurants, hotels, industries, offices, such as homes and spaces of the private, even beyond the pandemic emergency".
The University's collaboration with Beghelli was developed through Beghelli Inc. (USA), a Group company active on the American market.
Dania Maccaferri, director of the international division of the Beghelli Group, said: "We are proud to have contributed to the modernization of Florida International University by providing our devices to minimize the risk of contagion and to live safely in high traffic and parking areas. of people."
The uvOxy® technology, used by Beghelli products, allows the air to be sanitized through a closed chamber system saturated with UV-C rays. The air is sucked in through a system of fans and channeled in contact with the ultraviolet light inside SanificaAria, from which it comes out sanitized. Ultraviolet rays always remain confined within the flow cell of the device without coming into direct contact with people. Sanitation can therefore be continuous, even while people are inside the environment.
They are products that exploit innovative solutions, whose effectiveness has been demonstrated by studies and laboratory tests conducted at centers of excellence of Italian research, demonstrating a reduction of more than 99.66% of the viral or bacterial load of microorganisms present in the air, including the specific viral strain SARS-CoV-2 responsible for the current Covid-19 pandemic.
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