29 May 2024

Solar power when you need it, with storage batteries you save money and are more independent.

Optimize your PV system and store the renewable energy produced.

Attention to environmental resources on the one hand and rising utility bills on the other make the use of renewable energy important. The production and use of energy through photovoltaic panels requires the installation of solar inverters and energy storage systems that help you be more independent and save on energy costs.  

Without the solar inverter, it is not possible to use the electricity generated by solar panels because they produce direct current, which is not suitable for domestic and industrial use. The storage battery, on the other hand, allows you to store the energy produced and use it when you need it most, even when the panels are not producing power.
Solar batteries for green electricity storage.   
There are many benefits of using solar energy storage systems:
  • environmental sustainability: storage systems allow you to limit the use of fossil fuels in favor of renewable energy for less environmental impact.
  • stability of the electrical system: in the event of power outages or brownouts, solar batteries kick in, keeping the essential functions of your home or business running
  • reduction of transmission losses: limiting the use of the national grid to transport power increases the efficiency of the system and reduces its maintenance costs.
Is it really possible to lower bills?
In simple terms, yes. The use of self-generated energy allows you to decrease the use of 'energy from the national grid and consequently also costs on your bill. In addition, you will become for all intents and purposes a "prosumer," or consumer and producer of electricity.

During the day, approximately from 6:30 a.m. until 6:00 p.m., the photovoltaic system produces electricity that is consumed, allowing you not to use energy from the distribution grid. For example, if you produce 10 kWh in a day and consume 6 kWh, the remaining 4 kWh is stored in your solar batteries. During nighttime hours, when the building continues to consume, the hybrid inverter draws energy from the solar battery, without taking energy from the national grid.

The more you use the energy you produce yourself, the more you save on your utility bill because you reduce the energy you take from your electricity supplier, making you more independent. On average, it is possible to estimate that 30% of the energy produced by a photovoltaic system is self-consumed, rising to 70 percent by combining it with a storage battery.