11 December 2023

The station that optimizes photovoltaic energy.

Generate, store and finally use energy when you need it most.

Beghelli's innovative hybrid system allows the energy produced by a photovoltaic system to be managed and stored with maximum efficiency using high-performance inverter modules and batteries. 

Installable in both residential and industrial settings, our storage system consists of Inverter and batteries of which a Master already equipped with BMS to which Slave type battery modules can be integrated to obtain a capacity of up to 23 kW (three-phase). In addition, the BMS further expands the electricity storage capacity to a maximum of 46.1kWh.
The storage system that does not waste energy.
The Beghelli storage system uses the energy produced immediately and stores the excess in the batteries for use in the evening hours or in the event of a blackout. When the batteries are fully charged, the surplus energy is fed into the grid and sold back to the energy service provider.

The system's reliability, modularity, and small size make the hybrid system an ideal high-efficiency energy station that supports state-of-the-art photovoltaic modules. Controlling heat pumps, increasing energy generated from photovoltaic sources, and monitoring costs are just some of its applications that make it perfect for use in residential and industrial settings.
Monitoring photovoltaic production is easier with Beghelli Solare.
Beghelli Solare
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Optimize performance and prevent malfunctions by managing your PV system wherever you are. Just plug the appropriate accessory into the inverter to connect to the network, either WiFi or LAN. And if you want to surf from your desktop, you can use the Beghelli Cloud.
  • Constant verification of energy production
  • Compare with reports for previous periods
  • Check the status of the batteries
  • Monitor how much energy has been transferred to the Gestore Servizi Energetici (GSE)
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The fast, comprehensive and responsive App that keeps track of the energy produced.
Beghelli Solare
What about in case of a blackout?
Efficiency and safety even during power outages are the main features of our products. EPS emergency power allows the storage system to operate completely off-grid, using the energy stored in the batteries. This way primary loads, such as lighting, air conditioning and refrigerators, are immediately powered by the batteries in order to keep the essential functions of your home running.
Installing additional batteries to those already provided increases the energy stored and available in case of adverse conditions.