14 January 2022

There is always a way out, Ironflag reports

With Ironflag and Modulo Orma the emergency signs are projected onto the ground

Ironflag is the emergency sign lamp designed to guarantee safety and excellent visibility of exit routes up to a distance of 20-30 metres. It combines aesthetic needs with extremely resistant materials, for exceptional durability over time.

The easily removable body and the large space inside guarantee quick installation and allow quick wiring to the network or centralized systems. Ironflag Beghelli is available for both self-powered and centralized battery devices. Thanks to the self-diagnosis systems, periodic tests can be carried out to check its functioning and autonomy.

Furthermore, through the Orma Module accessory, composed of the innovative laser micro-projector, Ironflag signals the nearest exit by projecting a light beam onto the ground. By rotating the body of the Orma Module it is possible to orient the signaling arrow as needed and position the projected image in the most strategic point.
Autonomy     1-8 ore
Battery    3,2-7,2 V
Visibility distance   20-30 meters
Installations   Flag, Ceiling, Wall, Overdoor, Recessed, Suspension
Materials    Aluminum for the body and polymethacrylate (PMA) for the screen
Self-diagnosis systems  Autotest, Logica FM, Dali
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