15 April 2022

Versatile and efficient complete LED emergency lighting

Can be installed on a surface, wall, ceiling or recessed, in dry or high humidity environments

Emergency lighting is a fundamental system in living and working environments and is made mandatory by law. All buildings must have lighting fixtures that ensure safety and are tested regularly. Emergency lighting devices are activated in particular conditions, turning on when the system's power supply is interrupted.
What do the regulations say?
The UNI EN 1838 standard published in 2013 is the main regulatory reference for emergency lighting. All signs must be clear, which is why they must be installed at least 2 meters from the ground. If the emergency exit is not directly visible, an illuminated sign will indicate the direction and route to follow. According to the legislation, the emergency lighting system must be placed near the doors on escape routes and near stairs or other differences in level. These devices must guarantee operation for at least 1 hour and in any case they must function for the time necessary to guarantee evacuation.
Complete LED, the evolution of emergency lighting
After its success on the market, the Completa LED emergency lighting fixture is renewed by improving its lighting performance and its distinctive characteristics. Compared to the previous version, it triples the luminous flux thanks to electronic circuits with high-efficiency LEDs but the versatility of installation and use remains constant: the luminaire can be installed on the ceiling, wall, ceiling or recessed. In all versions the autonomy is adjustable: from 1 hour to 3 hours for traditional devices and from 1 hour up to 8 hours for the AT and CT versions. The launch campaign promoting the new version of the product includes, for each purchase, a bottle of Colli Bolognesi wine and two important accessories: a built-in box and the IP66 Shell Kit. The box to be recessed into the wall serves to reduce the visible thickness of the luminaire while the second accessory is an optional watertight shell which duplicates the mechanical characteristics of the luminaire and allows the IP66-IK09 protection degree to be achieved.