13 May 2022

What would a world without light be like?

Let's raise awareness of the importance of lighting and energy saving

Try to imagine what the world would be like without light: dark streets and houses, dull stadiums and unlit hospitals... only restaurants would be romantic by candlelight. Lighting offers us comfort and safety and if it was once just a luxury, today it is a necessity and a primary good. The International Day of Light is an opportunity to underline the importance of lighting and the role of light in everyday life.

May 16 is an anniversary established and promoted by UNESCO to reaffirm the contribution that light-based technologies make to the development and positive evolution of society, especially in the energy field. This global initiative is very relevant in times like these, when the cost of energy has increased and it is essential to reduce waste to save on bills and safeguard the planet.
Our commitment to increasingly sustainable development
Lighting is the heart of our business, which is why we are committed to making our customers aware of energy consumption and to increase their awareness of the efficiency of lighting devices.

Our emergency lighting systems include lamps with titanium dioxide batteries capable of lasting up to 10 years, more than double that of traditional batteries. Furthermore, with the combination of state-of-the-art electronics and new generation optical systems, greater control of the direction of the light beam is obtained, to illuminate only where needed.
On the domestic lighting front, on the other hand, we are developing a range of increasingly efficient solutions from an energy point of view and increasingly attentive to the quality of the light emitted. Our home lighting devices use LED technology which has introduced a revolution in all lighting sectors. Our new LED light sources optimize energy consumption and guarantee a longer life than traditional lighting technologies, resulting in a perfect alternative.
For over 20 years, we have also been involved in technical lighting with high energy savings, creating luminaires with latest generation LEDs and ballasts equipped with photocells that self-regulate the luminous flux based on the intensity of the natural light present in the environment. The ability to control and manage the light sources according to the different time slots guarantees further savings and ensures that the rooms are lit only when necessary.
Our project therefore responds to the main needs in the field of lighting: efficiency of the systems in terms of energy saving and reduced environmental impact, optimization of performance, better visual comfort and reduction of maintenance costs.
Lampadine EcoLED