Acciaio Eco LED

LED optic technology, high resistance

Excellent performance for LED lighting in the tertiary and industrial sector. The structural simplicity of Acciaio LED, combined with technical materials such as splined technopolymers and toughened glass, make it a product suitable for installation in particularly demanding conditions, thanks to protection grades IP66 and IK09. The whole allows the projection, through the microprismatic crystal, of a highly technological louvre specially designed for high-efficiency LEDs, to ensure the maximum of light output without glare. The innovative head with screw cap allows easy installation and easy connection with specific accessories such as the intelligent light sensor or the LED emergency module with built-in source and inverter.


LED optic technology, high resistance
Acciaio Eco LED is the reply to the request for products with a high technological content for particularly demanding applications in highrisk areas. The steel housing and glass diffuser present both excellent mechanical resistance (IK09) and resistance to aggressive chemical agents. In the industrial field, it is ideally used in installations in environments with an explosive atmosphere, caused either by alterations of a gaseous type or by the presence of combustible powders suspended in the air (according to Standard ATEX 2014/34/UE for zones 02 and 22). The optic system is composed of a diffuser subdivided into 12 cells for optimal light distribution, and a special microprismatic glass with very high light transmittance for greater visual comfort. Acciaio Eco LED is suitable for heavy-duty use even in outdoor environments directly exposed to inclement weather: it is designed to resist mechanical vibrations and electromagnetic disturbances typical of industrial environments.
Installazione - Installations
Modulo emergenza LED - Emergency LED module