Anti-glare micro-structured screen

On the surface it appears to be a simple receptacle, in reality it is the fruit of a project that goes well beyond appearance. The excellent mechanical characteristics are those of a revolutionary product, both in terms of luminosity and multi-functionality of use. The 8500 Im luminous flux is just the first example of the technology enclosed in this device that with Smart Driver technology can be enhanced to become a Smart Lighting optic already partially present in the base products equipped with an Autodimmer system.
In addition, the innovative anti-glare micro-structured screen significantly reduces flare without affecting the luminous flux. The special Parking version has been designed to adapt to underground conditions that demand extensive illumination over a large groundlevel area but with highly reduced height availability.

Anti-glare micro-structured screen
Professional device with elevated luminous flux and anti-glare system. Functions in emergency situations due to the Plug&Light LED Inverter, to be ordered separately. Smart Driver System for the highest level of flexibility of use due to the various additional modules. The Autodimmer Sensor is supplied as standard in the base product. The self-extinguishing polycarbonate body is stabilized to UV rays. The screen has a micro-structured antiglare surface finish specifically designed to disseminate the LED light in the most effective manner. The device is strong and long-lasting with an age-resistant expanded polyurethane seal and concealed closure hooks made from polyester based technopolymer.





Anti-glare micro-structured screen
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