Waterproof ceiling light with aluminium body.
The body of BS240 LED is made of aluminium and the diffuser of polycarbonate with a thickness of 3mm to make the luminaire impact resistant and suitable for installation in gyms, industrial halls and shopping centres. The bayonet fastening bracket makes it quick to install while guaranteeing stability and secure fastening.
Waterproof ceiling light with aluminium body.
The Parking version has a very diffuse optic, making it suitable for illuminating low height environments such as parking lots or basements, while maintaining good light output and excellent uniformity by significantly reducing the number of luminaires needed to ensure adequate illuminance. The luminaire can be equipped with a wide range of inverters for emergency lighting.
  • Great robustness of a luminaire with a luminous flux of up to more than 21,000lm. Extremely compact dimensions.
  • Wide angle of symmetrical emission on all 4 sides, specifically for places with particularly low ceilings (Parking version).
  • Applications: industry, tertiary, gyms, parking lots, warehouses, shopping malls, areas subject to HACCP.