Led Panel RTI SanificaAria
Air sanitation integrated in lighting
Hybrid luminaires for ordinary lighting with integrated air sanitiser. The sanitising device is based on a closed-chamber UV-C flow cell without ozone emissions. The system has adjustable speed and operation timing, and thanks to the unique uvOxy® technology, it eliminates any risk during operation and allows continuous sanitisation of rooms in the presence of people. Tests carried out are available online and certify sanitisation efficacy of up to 99.9% on Coronaviruses and Bacteria far more aggressive than COVID-19.
  • SanificaAria: Hybrid appliance with uvOxy┬« air sanitisation. Speed adjustment on 3 levels.
  • RD HCL version with colour temperature (K) adjustment in fixed (CCT) or automatic mode.
  • Applications: Tertiary, public sector, offices, schools
Air sanitation integrated in lighting