Case study
10 May 2024

Beghelli lighting inside the Santa Fe Library in Granada, Spain.

The lighting design envelops the space and encourages the visitor to read calmly and serenely.

By partnering with Alphalight, Beghelli was able to offer its products for this beautiful lighting project created by BIG Architectural Lighting inside the Santa Fe Library in Granada.


The project uses the line as a light resource that traverses and redesigns different environments. A suspended guiding light that adapts to the geometries of interior spaces. Lines of light that not only highlight the architecture itself, but also guide the visitor intuitively and elegantly.


The light treatment on the second floor is modified by a rhythmic sequence of Beghelli Fullmoon fixtures. The design maintains a consistency in terms of color temperatures and emphasizes the height of the pathways to expand the visitor's visual perception. The same pattern is repeated in the bathrooms, where IP44-protected fixtures ensure functionality and complete an integral and consistent design throughout the library.

Photo credits: Juanan Barros
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